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About Dark Promise

Welcome To Dark Promise


     Dark Promise is a Casual (family friendly) Guild . We treat members as we ourselves would like to be treated , with decency and respect .


     We are looking for more ACTIVE Members for not only endgame content , but Old School runs like AQ 40 and Kara as well . We do not have a minimum gear requirment to get into Dark Promise , nor are you required to Raid or PvP if you choose not to - ALL are welcome .

     If this sounds good to you and you would like to become a member click on the apply to guild link to the left ( Don't forget to contact someone In-Game for an Guild invite as well ) .

     All applications and messages will be responded to , so please DO NOT send multiple copies of the same application/message .

     Thank You for your interest in Dark Promise .

                    FOR THE HORDE !!

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